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Dealing with the COVID-19 Objection

By December 17, 2020Tips

If you are in sales, you have likely come across the dreaded “COVID objection”.


Sales can be tough enough, but now throw in a pandemic that has impacted peoples businesses, livelihoods and of course bottom line and now you have a recipe for the “call back later” response.

BUT… It doesn’t have to be this way!

Here’s the deal, YOU are the best of the best in our industry (yes, we only hire those types here at Universal) and you got this!

Here’s something to think about: while people may not want to be “sold” to- you are not “selling” them anything anyway- you are trying to save them money on their insurance and protect their assets (you knew all of this already).

So how do we turn these objections into sales?

We change OUR mindset.

The reality is, this is the hand we have been dealt, for now.

Remember in a previous post we talked about change? (go ahead, we will wait while you go back and look)….

…..Ok, so the post said it isn’t knowledge and strength that make us successful, right?

The secret sauce is the ability to change. 

Have you ever heard the saying “we all have the same amount of hours in a day”? (I LOVE this statement- it is so true- how can some people get sooo much done in a day and others struggle to make simple things happen?- time management).

It is no different with the pandemic…. you, the sales person are not the only sales professional experiencing obstacles. We all are, your competitors are- it is how we handle it that matters.

The best of the best sales professionals (that’s YOU) are using this time to prospect and gain momentum, while the mediocre and rookies are sitting in their basements or hiding in their office.

Ok, so enough of the pep talk and on to the good stuff. Mr. Inside Sales provided some GREAT tips of dealing with COVID objections. Check it out by clicking here.